*All times are in UTC+8
Registration Period
17th Sept (00:00) - 1st Oct (00:00)
Qualifiers Showcase
8th Oct (20:00)
Qualifiers & Group Stage Showcase
15th Oct - 16th Oct
Group Stage
22nd Oct - 23rd Oct
Round of 16
29th Oct - 30th Oct
5th Nov - 6th Nov
12th Nov - 13th Nov
19th Nov - 20th Nov
26th Nov - 27th Nov
i. Registrations must be submitted through this website when the links are available on 17th September.
ii. This tournament is open to ALL Malaysian players (with the Malaysian flag on their profile). However it is highly recommended that you are able to at least play the Group Stage pool of the previous OTMT if you are participating this year.
iii. All registered players will undergo an initial screening process by the osu!staff and any players that do not pass the screening will not be eligible to participate in the tournament. Results of the screening will be announced in the Discord server.
iv. The star rating of the mappool throughout the tournament is estimated to go from ~4.5* in the early rounds to ~7* in the later stages.
v. You MUST join the Discord Server to be eligible for the tournament.
i. This is a double-elimination, 1v1 osu!taiko tournament.
ii. ScoreV2 will be used with the Head-to-Head option.
iii. The score format of each round is as listed below
RoundFormatPoints to Win
Group StageBest-of-95
Round of 16Best-of-95
Grand FinalsBest-of-137
iv. The tournament starts off with the Qualifiers stage to sort the players into their respective seedings in the Top 32 (Top Seed, High Seed, Low Seed, etc).
v. The top 32 players will then advance to the Group Stages to further narrow down the players into the Top 16.
vi. In the Group Stages, players will be arranged into 8 separate groups of 4, with each group consisting of one player from each seed ranking (top, high, mid, low).
vii. The four players will be matched against each other throughout the weekend and the two (2) players with the highest number of W:L (win-loss) ratio will advance to the RO16.
viii. If the number of registrants are below 32, some groups will only consist of 3 players.
ix. The tournament host will release the mappool and schedules one week before each round.
x. If required, players may request for a reschedule of their matches via the #otmt-reschedule channel in the Discord server.
xi. Reschedules will only be allowed before the Thursdays, 23:59 UTC+8 of every week.
i. All players will play through a special pool comprising of 7 maps: 3 NoMods, 1 Hidden, 1 HardRock, 1 DoubleTime, and 1 FreeMod. There are no Tiebreakers for this stage.
ii. Players are allowed to play through the mappool twice in their designated lobbies.
iii. Players may choose to skip maps (only on the 2nd run) or the second run altogether if desired.
iv. The mappool must be played in order from top to bottom, NM1, NM2, NM3, HD, HR, DT, FM. Players are not allowed to shuffle the order of playing during their lobbies or skip any maps during their first run.
v. Only the highest score of each map out of the two runs will be taken into consideration for seeding purposes. For example:
First run - NM1: 962,291, NM2: 998,938
Second run - NM1: 999,999, NM2: 901,291
The NM1 of the second run’s score and the NM2 of the first run score will be used.
vi. An optional 5-minute break can be given between the first and second run if any players in the lobby requests for it.
vii. Only the top 32 seeded players will advance to the Group Stages.
i. Players are required to be present at the times of their match, a reminder in the form of a Discord ping will be given to the players 15 minutes before every match.
ii. Invites to the room will then be sent out 10 minutes before each match.
iii. Failure to arrive on time will result in the following penalties:
a. 5-minutes: Player’s warmup will be skipped.
b. 10-minutes: Player’s map ban privilege goes to the opposing player.
c. 15-minutes: Player loses by default.
iv. Warmups must be sent to the referees at least 30 minutes before the start of the map, the warmup should be less than 3 minutes in length and not contain inappropriate content. The referee reserves the right to reject maps that they deem to be inappropriate.
v. At the start of each match, players will be asked to !roll to determine who picks or bans first. The player with the higher roll will get to pick first and ban second.
vi. Banned maps and tiebreakers are not allowed to be picked throughout the match.
vii. Each player will be given a maximum of 2 minutes to select their picks. If a pick has not been decided before the countdown timer ends, the map will be randomized with !roll.
viii. After a map has been decided, players will then have a maximum of 2 minutes to ready up before the referee forces a start.
ix. Players should ensure that they have all the maps downloaded before the start of their match. In the event that a player is missing a map, they will automatically lose the point if they are unable to download it within the 2 minutes given.
x. Players may ask for a Tactical Timeout during a match, and this will add an extra 2 minutes to the timer. This can only be used ONCE per match.
xi. A rematch of the same map will be given if a player disconnects within the first 30 seconds of the map. Any subsequent disconnections on the same map will be treated as a point loss.
xii. Lag is not a valid reason to restart a map.
xiii. In the event of a tie in scores, the map will be played again (both players will not gain points).
xiv. In the unlikely event that both players get a tied score two times in a row on the same map, the map will be nullified and another map needs to be picked (by the other player).
xv. Failed scores will be counted.
xvi. If both players reach match point (need 1 more point to win), the Tiebreaker map will be played.
xvii. Unexpected incidents will be handled by the referee or tournament host.
i. The mappool will consist of the following brackets: NoMod, Hidden, HardRock, DoubleTime, FreeMod, and Tiebreaker.
ii. The Hidden, HardRock and DoubleTime brackets will consist of 2 maps each across all stages.
iii. The NoMod bracket will consist of 3 maps in Group Stage, 4 maps in RO16, 4 maps in Quarterfinals, 5 maps in Semifinals, 6 maps in Finals and Grand Finals.
iv. The FreeMod bracket will consist of 2 maps in Group Stage and RO16, with 3 maps across the remaining stages.
v. Players may choose to play with NoMod, Hidden, HardRock or a combination of Hidden and HardRock for the FreeMod picks.
vi. The Tiebreaker will be played under FreeMod conditions.
🥇 1st place
4 month tag
Custom Deskpad
Custom IRIS Voice Line
Profile Badge
🥈 2nd place
2 month tag
Custom Deskpad
Custom IRIS Voice Line
🥉 3rd place
1 month tag
Custom Deskpad
Custom IRIS Voice Line
🎖️ 4th place
1 month tag
Custom IRIS Voice Line
🎁 Last place
Custom Derogatory Voice Line from IRIS
Pickem Prizes
1st place - RM50
2nd place - RM30
3rd place - RM20